• Element E-Liquid

    Element E-Liquid

    (25mg and 45mg)

    30ml for $22.00


    Far Rocket Punch

    A boldly sweet burst certain to shower your palate in juicy flavors. Truly intoxicating, Rocket Punch is a vibrant e-juice sensation coupling sweet and colorful fruit that comes alive with every vape.

    Far Neon Green

    A one of a kind mouthwatering and invigorating bright lime blend.

    Chill out poolside with the vape-quenching Neon Green Drink. An incredible combination of intense neon green lime over endless slush ice.

    Key Lime Crumbs

    An amazing rendition of that signature sweet Florida Key Lime flavor with a crumble that is sure to emulate fresh and tangy, straight-from-the Florida Keys!

    Pink Lemonade

    A highly celebrated blend of zingy lemonade with just the right amount of red fruit.

    Pink Lemonade is a refreshing lemonade blended to perfection with delectable red fruit for a sweetness that’s deliciously smooth.

    Watermelon Chill

    A vibrantly juicy watermelon chiller

    Where refreshing watermelon meets the coolness of mint, Watermelon Chill is a unique combination to beat the heat.