Zeus Temple Herb Box

Zeus Temple Herb Box


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The ZEUS Temple is a beautifully crafted wooden de-humidor box that doubles as a storage box and moisture extractor. For portable vaporizers especially, using the ZEUS Temple adds 1 extra point in battery life. This is due to the fact that if your herbs are moist, it will take about 1 vaping session to extract that moisture. During this time, minimal vapor is produced and your battery is drained. So bone dry herbs not only ensure maximum efficiency, but also optimal vapor production (since drier herbs means more vapor)!

Other highlights of the ZEUS Temple include:

Made of 100%, high quality Mahogany wood
Coated with 8 layers of high quality black gloss finish
Comprised of 3 parts, to make up 2 compartments
Sealed with 20 top-grade, double strength magnets for perfect closure
Fine mesh screen separating top compartment from pollen catcher
All glass catcher for zero impurities
Helps preserve battery life as the drier herbs are quicker to vaporize
6.5” x 4” x 2.5”
Package Contents
1 x ZEUS Temple De-Humidor
1x ZEUS Temple Soft, drawstring bag
How To Use
Place herbs inside the Temple
Save until desired use
Take out the desired amount of herb, grind, and enjoy more efficient vaporization
Herb pollen will collect in the bottom catcher
The ZEUS Temple de-humidor has a 3 Month warranty covering any manufacturing defects. Please note that physical damage is not covered under warranty.