Geekvape Sonder Q Kit

Geekvape Sonder Q Kit


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Sonder Q, a sleek pod in a timeless stripe design, is geared for daily relaxation.
No button is needed to start a mellow flavor journey, and it’s effortless to refill from the top. Have fun customizing different hits through the airflow switch,
and chill as the “SONDER” light shines bright for you.
Geekvape Sonder Q Open Pod Kit [CRC Version] Specifications:
  • Power Output: 5-20W
  • Cartridge Capacity: 2ml


  • Coil Resistance: 0.8Ω


  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh


  • Charging Port: Type-C


  • Breathing Light: 3 Colors (Green/Blue/Red)


  • Battery Status Instructions: Red Light(<30%)


  • Blue Light(30%~70%)


  • Green Light(>70%)


  • Working Temperature: -20~60℃


  • Overtime Protection: If one puff is longer than 10S±1S, red


  • light blinks 2 times, and the device stops working.


  • Short Circuit Protection: Red light blinks 8 times, and the device stops working.


  • Low Battery Protection: Red light blinks 5 times, ang the device enters stand-by mode after 30s.


  • Weight: 39.1g(kit without packaging)


Geekvape Q Replacement Pods 1.2, 0.8&0.6ohm 3/PK 2mL [CRC Version] Specifications:
  • Capacity: 2 mL